The Best Summer Tires for Electric Vehicles in 2024 by 2024

The Best Summer Tires for Electric Vehicles in 2024 by

In 2024, introduces the top list to the Best Summer Tires for Electric Vehicles, a sector where innovation meets the road. Electric Vehicles (EVs) have ushered in a new era in automotive technology, necessitating a fresh perspective on tire selection. EV-specific tires are pivotal in optimizing performance, efficiency, and safety, catering to the unique characteristics of electric propulsion.

EV tires are engineered to address the instant torque delivery, support the additional weight of battery packs, and reduce rolling resistance to enhance the vehicle's range. This evolution in tire technology ensures that drivers enjoy a seamless, quiet, and eco-friendly journey without compromising on performance.

Our curated list for 2024 spotlights tires that excel in meeting these EV-specific demands while offering a comfortable ride. Featured models include the Bridgestone Turanza Eco, designed for efficiency, and the Michelin e.Primacy and Pilot Sport EV, which combine environmental sustainability with sporty performance. The Hankook Kinergy Eco2 K435 and Continental EcoContact 6 are lauded for their range-enhancing capabilities, while the Pirelli P Zero Elect is tailored for high-performance electric vehicles. Also on the list are the Hankook Ventus S1 evo3 EV K127E, offering a balanced blend of performance and efficiency.

  1. Bridgestone Turanza Eco - Winner Recommended
    Bridgestone Turanza Eco
    82 31
    · Summer · 2020 · Passenger - Premuim Touring Summer

    The Bridgestone Turanza Eco is a summer tire optimized for city cars, including electric vehicles (EVs). It features technology that reduces the tire's weight, potentially enhancing handling and reducing energy consumption, which is crucial for maximizing the range of EVs. The tread pattern is designed to provide reliable grip and even wear. The tire is engineered to have lower rolling resistance, which is directly related to improving an EV's range. Additionally, it includes a technology that allows the tire to self-repair minor punctures, extending its usability.

    • Weight reduction technology may enhance handling and decrease energy usage in EVs.
    • Tread design aims for stable grip and uniform tire wear.
    • Lower rolling resistance is intended to boost the EV's range.
    • Self-repairing feature for punctures enhances the tire's durability.
    Handling   Durability   Efficiency   Traction   Range Enhancement  
    USA+ USA+ · Canada Canada · Oceania Oceania
  2. Michelin e.Primacy Recommended
    Michelin e.Primacy
    80 41
    · Summer · 2020 · Passenger - Premuim Touring Summer

    The Michelin e.Primacy summer tire is engineered for electric vehicles, emphasizing a long-lasting tread and effective grip in various conditions. Its low rolling resistance is a standout feature, aimed at maximizing an electric vehicle's range. This tire uses a unique tread compound and design to minimize energy loss, which is crucial for battery conservation in electric vehicles. The design includes grooves that ensure good water clearance for consistent wet braking.

    • Effective grip in dry and wet conditions.
    • Low rolling resistance enhances electric vehicle range.
    • Tread compound and design focused on minimizing energy loss.
    • Groove design maintains braking performance in wet conditions.
    • Weight distribution technology contributes to tire durability.
    Durability   Wet Braking   Grip   Range Efficiency   Energy Use Optimization  
    Europe Europe · Russia+ Russia+ · Japan Japan · China China · Africa Africa · Oceania Oceania
  3. Michelin Pilot Sport EV Recommended
    Michelin Pilot Sport EV
    N/A 39
    · Summer · 2021 · Passenger - Premuim Touring Summer

    The Michelin Pilot Sport EV is a summer tire tailored for electric vehicles, emphasizing good performance on dry and wet roads. It's structured to support the unique torque output of electric cars, enhancing grip and handling. The tire is designed to distribute forces evenly, which can help in extending its lifespan. A specific feature of this tire is its focus on reducing cabin noise, aiming to provide a quieter ride. It incorporates a design to efficiently remove water, aiding in preventing hydroplaning. The tire's construction includes elements aimed at improving energy efficiency, which is crucial for maximizing an electric vehicle's range.

    • Good performance on both dry and wet surfaces.
    • Designed to support electric vehicle torque and handling.
    • Contributes to a quieter ride.
    • Aids in efficient water removal for safer wet driving.
    • Focuses on energy efficiency to help extend the vehicle's range.
    Performance   Wet Handling   Quiet Ride   Energy Efficiency  
    North America North America · Europe Europe · Russia+ Russia+ · Japan Japan · China China · Africa Africa · Oceania Oceania
  4. Hankook Kinergy Eco2 K435 Recommended
    Hankook Kinergy Eco2 K435
    76 32
    · Summer · 2017 · Passenger - Premuim Touring Summer

    The Hankook Kinergy Eco2 K435 is a summer tire developed with a focus on electric vehicle needs, emphasizing energy conservation and reliable performance. It has a design aimed at reducing energy consumption, crucial for maximizing an electric vehicle's driving range. The tire's tread is crafted to enhance grip in wet conditions and ensure effective water removal. Its silica-rich compound helps lower heat generation, contributing to decreased rolling resistance. The tire is also designed to wear evenly, extending its lifespan and maintaining consistent performance over time. Cornering stability and grip are key features, supporting safe and responsive handling for electric vehicles.

    • Designed to reduce energy consumption for better electric vehicle range.
    • Tread pattern enhances wet grip and water removal.
    • Silica compound contributes to lower rolling resistance.
    • Even wear design extends tire life.
    • Supports stable and responsive handling in electric vehicles.
    Wet Grip   Energy Efficiency   Longevity   Handling  
    USA+ USA+ · Mexico Mexico · Central & South America Central & South America · Europe Europe · Russia+ Russia+ · East Asia East Asia · Southeast Asia Southeast Asia · Middle East Middle East · Oceania Oceania
  5. Continental EcoContact 6 Recommended
    Continental EcoContact 6
    67 55
    · Summer · 2018 · Passenger - Premuim Touring Summer

    The Continental EcoContact 6 is a summer tire made for passenger electric vehicles, aiming to improve the car's range by reducing rolling resistance. It's designed to offer consistent handling and effective braking in both wet and dry conditions. The tire's composition and structure are intended to minimize wear and extend its lifespan. The tread pattern is tailored to enhance grip and stability during summer driving. Features are included to help with water removal, reducing the risk of hydroplaning in wet conditions.

    • Designed to reduce rolling resistance, aiding in electric vehicle range extension.
    • Offers stable handling and effective braking.
    • Built to last longer, reducing frequent tire replacements.
    • Tread pattern enhances grip in summer conditions.
    • Includes features for better water removal in wet conditions.
    Range Extension   Handling   Longevity   Grip   Wet Performance  
    North America North America · Europe Europe · Russia+ Russia+ · East Asia East Asia · Middle East Middle East · South Africa South Africa · Oceania Oceania
  6. Pirelli P Zero Elect Recommended
    Pirelli P Zero Elect
    N/A 28
    · Summer · 2022 · Light Truck / SUV - Street/Sport Truck Summer

    The Pirelli P Zero Elect is a summer tire crafted for electric and plug-in hybrid SUVs and light trucks, focusing on adapting to electric vehicles' specific needs. It enhances handling due to its design, which aligns with the immediate torque output and heavier build of electric vehicles. The tire is developed to conserve energy, contributing to an extended driving range for electric vehicles by reducing rolling resistance. A notable feature is its noise reduction capability. Additionally, its design ensures reliable traction and braking in wet conditions, essential for driver safety.

    • Designed to improve handling in electric SUVs and light trucks.
    • Helps extend the driving range by conserving energy.
    • Includes features to reduce noise for a quieter interior.
    • Provides dependable traction and braking when driving in wet conditions.
    Handling   Wet Traction   Noise Reduction   Energy Conservation  
    Europe Europe
  7. Hankook Ventus S1 evo3 EV K127E Recommended
    Hankook Ventus S1 evo3 EV K127E
    N/A 17
    · Summer · 2020 · Passenger - Ultra High Performance Summer

    The Hankook Ventus S1 evo3 EV K127E is a summer tire tailored for electric sports vehicles, offering features that align with the unique requirements of these cars. Its tread design is optimized for effective water removal and enhanced stability, particularly important for vehicles with instant torque. The tire is structured to provide reliable grip and precise steering, supporting the quick acceleration characteristic of electric vehicles. Reinforcement with aramid fibers aims to boost traction, catering to the immediate power delivery of electric motors. This tire is designed to complement the performance attributes of electric sports cars, ensuring safety and control at high speeds.

    • Tread design enhances wet traction and vehicle stability.
    • Supports precise steering and quick acceleration in electric vehicles.
    • Aramid fiber reinforcement improves traction for instant torque.
    • Suitable for the performance needs of electric sports cars.
    Wet Traction   Stability   Precision Steering  
    Europe Europe
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