TireRack.com: Best in High Performance All-Season 2019

  1. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ - Winner

    Pilot Sport A/S3+ is a top rated tire with perfect cornering, dry road and especially wet road performance. The tires provide excellent performance on the highway and no issues cornering.

    Wet Performance   Dry Performance   Comfort  
    84 41
  2. Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season

    These tires offer a good balance between performance and economy. The ride is pleasant and the handling sporty.

    Wet Performance   Dry Performance  
    81 28
  3. Sumitomo HTR A/S P02
    Dry Traction   Steering Response   Cornering Stability  
    80 33
  4. Kumho Ecsta PA31

    Tires are softer than others and provide a quiet ride accordingly. Aggressive summer driving traction is very good. Winter driving is acceptable and snow traction is good.

    Wet Performance   Dry Performance   Noise  
    70 27
  5. Firestone Firehawk AS

    These tires are awesome, they are quite responsive, handle like a charm when cornering at higher speeds, but are also great in the city.

    Wet Performance   Dry Performance   Winter / Snow Performance  
    69 27
  6. Yokohama AVID ENVigor

    Predictable and stable in the dry and rain.Good grip. But useless in the snow or ice. Treadwear is not the best but worth it.

    Wet Performance   Dry Performance   Comfort   Treadwear   Winter / Snow Performance  
    83 26
  7. Goodyear Eagle RS-A2

    These are not really great for snow or ice conditions, but decent on dry and wet pavement.

    Treadwear   Wet Performance   Dry Performance   Noise   Winter / Snow Performance  
    73 12
  8. Hankook Ventus V2 concept 2 H457

    These tires are very average in overall performance for a higher performance all season with hard treadwear, with fairly high and predictable grip in the dry, warmer months. Noise levels and comfort are decent even at higher tire pressures.

    Dry Performance   Comfort   Winter / Snow Performance  
    65 23
  9. Goodyear Eagle RS-A

    The dry traction is good, but the wet traction and ability to remain stable in rain is below normal.

    Treadwear   Dry Performance   Winter / Snow Performance  
    57 17
  10. Firestone Firehawk GT

    These tires are pretty noisy, grip well in dry conditions but can leave you sliding and slipping when you get some water or snow on the ground.

    Wet Performance   Dry Performance   Treadwear   Comfort   Winter / Snow Performance  
    57 7
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