ADAC 2022: Summer Tire Test R15

The expert team of Germany’s ADAC motoring association performed a large comparative test of summer tires, covering the 2022 models relevant for the local market. A total of 34 tire sets were tested, 16 of which were designed for compact cars (size 185/65 R15 88H), the other 18 for mid-class passenger cars and sub-compact crossovers (215/60 R16 99V).

In this article, we will examine the performance by the tires in size 185/65 R15, fitting a number of small cars, such as Audi A1 or Volkswagen Polo — the latter was used as a test car. On the whole, the test experts were quite impressed with the results demonstrated by the tires, but we still think it is worth your while to get acquainted with their shortcomings.

Tires with the speed index of H are designed for high speeds (up to 210 km/h), and they must ensure the best possible grip on wet and dry surfaces alike. Which summer tires in size 185/65 R15 ensure the highest driving safety — the answer to this question is given by the ADAC experts in their tire test 2022.

List of summer models tested:

Results of the ADAC test 2022

A good overall result: not a single one out of the 16 tested models had prominent issues by the safety criteria on wet and dry pavement, as well as in the tests for noise emission, fuel efficiency, and resistance to wear. Six models were rated as highly recommended («good»), and ten more as recommended («satisfactory»).

Nevertheless, you should probably check out the details because even «good» models may vary significantly in terms of performance in these or those specific conditions. The differentiation becomes even more obvious when you look at similar rankings of «satisfactory» tires, whose overall score is usually lower because of shortcomings found by the test experts. However, if you think you can put up with some specific weaknesses of the tire models that match your driving style, the results of the ADAC 2022 test will help you find relatively inexpensive options to choose from.

Result summary. 2022 ADAC Summer Tire Test — 215/60 R16 Places 1–8. (
Result summary. 2022 ADAC Summer Tire Test — 215/60 R16 Places 1–8. (click to enlarge)
Result summary. 2022 ADAC Summer Tire Test — 215/60 R16 Places 9–16.
Result summary. 2022 ADAC Summer Tire Test — 215/60 R16 Places 9–16. (click to enlarge)

The leadership group: Excellently balanced performance

A tire that stands out from the leading group of «good» tires is Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2 (2.0 points), which demonstrated the longest tread life on test. It scored first place with a minimum lead over the immediate competition.

In the design of the Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde (2.3 points) and the Bridgestone Turanza T005 (2.1 points) tires, the main focus was on wet and dry performance, the German experts noted; at the same time their resistance to wear was on a par with the absolute winner of the test.

Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde
Pirelli Cinturato P1 Verde

The Michelin Primacy 4 (2.1 points) was also commended for a well-balanced performance. It did not score the highest points in any of the main safety disciplines of the test, but it did show decent wet and dry performance nonetheless. This tire also demonstrated high resistance to wear. Parallel to that, in 2022 the French tire maker released a renewed version of this model, Michelin Primacy 4+, which surpasses the basic modification in wet grip, especially in a worn-out state. Possibly, in the future comparative tests it will be able to improve on the performance of the tire without the «plus» in its name.

Other tire models that demonstrated a good wet and dry performance, combined with a long tread life, were the Dunlop Sport BluResponse and Giti GitiSynergy H2. These two shared fifth place, scoring 2.5 points each.

Giti GitiSynergy H2
Giti GitiSynergy H2

Devaluation of the overall score because of weak dry grip

With four out of the ten «satisfactory» models — Laufenn G Fit EQ+ (2.6 points), Continental EcoContact 6 (2.8 points), Firestone Roadhawk (2.8 points), and Semperit Speed-Life 3 (3.0 points) — the test experts found something in common. The mentioned tires impressed the testers with their dry performance but they all had minor issues on wet pavement, which deteriorated their overall score.

Some of these tires are subsidiaries of premium-class brands: Laufenn is owned by Hankook, Firestone by Bridgestone, and Semperit is a Continental brand.

Laufenn G FIT EQ+
Laufenn G FIT EQ+

The Continental EcoContact 6, however, is a «premium» model in this «lagging» group — comments the Shina Guide technical expert. Its shortcomings were obvious while still in the launching stage, and the manufacturer did everything to boost the sales through marketing spins. At the same time, the EC6 was the only tire in the ADAC 2022 test that could score high points for environmental performance and fuel efficiency. In spite of the least tread depth in a brand-new state, the tire has an amazingly long tread life. From the fuel consumption standpoint, the Continental EcoContact 6 also surpasses many of its rivals, but it’s obvious that it lives more up to its name when it comes to «Eco», and not to «Contact».

Tires with individual issues

The BFGoodrich Advantage tire (a subsidiary brand of Michelin’s), which ultimately scored 3.0 points, revealed its issues both on wet and dry pavement, which led to a deterioration of the overall score.

BFGoodrich Advantage
BFGoodrich Advantage

The Falken Sincera SN110 Ecorun and Vredestein Ultrac (owned by Apollo Tyres) also scored only 3.0 points each in the final standings, but still received from the ADAC test experts a «satisfactory» verdict due to its poor resistance to wear. However, the Ultrac tire is still good on wet and dry pavement, and can become a good option for fitting a second family car.

The three remaining models demonstrated issues both on wet and dry pavement. Yet, at the same time, the Fulda EcoControl HP2 tire (3.1 points, a product of one of Goodyear’s subsidiaries) made a positive impression with its long tread life, while the Cooper CS7 (3.2 points), showed only average resistance to wear.

Falken Sincera SN110 Ecorun
Falken Sincera SN110 Ecorun

The Slovakian tire Matador MP47 Hectorra 3 (3.3 points), developed by Continental AG, performed the worst on dry pavement.


This is yet another test that shows just how important it is to be able to read between the lines when choosing your next set of tires, as well as how important it is to know your driving habits and your individual requirements for the tires, because only in this case you will be able to find the tires that are optimum for you in terms of the price/performance ratio.