Avon Introduces AX7 for Crossovers and SUVs

Cooper Tires seems to have mastered the «innovative» copy-paste technology: following the Cooper Discoverer ATT model launched in the beginning of 2019, a subsidiary tire brand Avon AX7 is released, featuring the exact same tread pattern.

This all-terrain «clone» tire was designed for crossovers and SUVs, and is meant to be used 60% of time on hard road surfaces and 40% off-road. The Avon AX7 model comes in eight sizes with fitting diameters ranging from 16 to 20 inches.

Avon AX7
Avon AX7

The five-rib design of the all-season AX7’s from Avon ensures good off-road capability and optimum stability on various road surfaces. The unique elements of the tire’s shoulder areas prevent pebbles from getting stuck in the grooves of the tread pattern, increase the resistance to damage of different kinds, as well as increase the load-carrying capacity and ensure better traction.

Another key feature of Avon AX7 is increased riding comfort.

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