Dunlop light-truck tire line gets a new summer model Econodrive LT

Alongside the commercial tires Econodrive, designed to be installed on light trucks and minivans, in 2020 Dunlop is planning to launch on the European market a new Econodrive LT model, engineered to be used in summer weather conditions.

According to the tire maker, the new Dunlop Econodrive LT model features a heavy-duty inner construction with a modified breaker-strip ply and reinforced sidewalls focused on reducing the heat emission and suppressing tire deformation for lower rolling resistance.

Dunlop Econodrive LT tread pattern
Dunlop Econodrive LT tread pattern

The Econodrive LT long tread life is ensured by the upgraded rubber compound which increased the tire’s ruggedness and resistance to wear. The tire’s dependable wet performance, which is also one of its characteristic features, is ensured by the wide circumferential grooves and high silica content in the tread compound.

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Dunlop Econodrive LT

  • Available Sizes in Line: 2
  • For light commercial vehicles, transporters and vans.
  • Year Released: 2020
  • Regions for sale: Europe
Dunlop Econodrive LT

The Dunlop Econodrive LT is currently available in eight sizes ranging from 185/75 R14C 102/100R to 215/60 R16C 103/101T.

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