Dunlop SP Winter Ice 03 and Grandtrek Ice 03 Tires Will Soon Be Available on the Market

For the winter season 2019/2020, the company Sumitomo has prepared for the CIS market two new spiked models, which, while different in their inner structure, display the same tread pattern. The premium tires Dunlop SP Winter Ice 03 and Dunlop Grandtrek Ice 03 were engineered in the R&D center in Kobe, Japan, tested in Hanau, Germany (where the spikes for these tires were also designed), and are manufactured and spiked at a facility in Ankara (Turkey).

The new winter tires are coming to replace the spiked Dunlop SP Winter Ice 02 and Dunlop Grandtrek Ice 02 in the model range. The tires with a «3» in their name got not only a renewed tread pattern but also new spikes featuring Anti-Tilt technology which, thanks to their slanted core and two sharp barbs, penetrate the ice more effectively, thus ensuring a better grip on the road.

Dunlop Grandtrek Ice 03
Dunlop Grandtrek Ice 03

The model range of passenger car tires SP Winter Ice03 is available in 26 sizes with 14–20 inches fitting diameters, from 175/65 R14 82T to 245/45 R20 99T.

The availability of Grandtrek Ice 03 for SUVs will also be limited with 26 options with fitting diameters from 16 to 20 inches (215/65 R16 102T XL — 285/50 R20 116T XL).