Maxxis Premitra 5 (HP5)

Maxxis Premitra HP5 is an Ultra High Performance summer tire, designed specifically for powerful sports cars. This tire is characterized by stability and accurate handling response at high speeds, as well as reliable ground adhesion even when driving in the rain.

Presented in 2015 in China, the Maxxis Premitra HP5 model made it to the European market one year later. However, over this time, this model managed to become the «tire of the year» according to one of the motor magazines of the Celestial Empire, «Motor Trend».

Maxxis Premitra HP5
Maxxis Premitra HP5

The long-standing experience in tire development and the use of state-of-the-art technologies allowed the Taiwanese tire maker to present speed enthusiasts with the Premitra HP5 tire that offers outstanding performance both in dry and wet conditions.

The multiple variable pitch tread, the computer-optimized block arrangement, and the lateral groove design have been developed to reduce the road noise, absorb vibrations, ensure lower rolling resistance, and enhance wet handling in order to minimize the chances of hydroplaning.

Features & Benefits
Features & Benefits

The handling stability and maneuverability were achieved through the use of high-strength metal cord breaker strips, which, among other things, extended the Maxxis HP5 Premitra tread life. In addition, they ensure exceptional sporty performance of the tire.

The Premitra HP5 rubber compound has silica included in it. Silica reduces excessive heat emission, increases the tire’s resistance to wear, and boosts wet grip.

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  • Year Released: 2015
  • Regions for sale: Mexico, Central & South America, Europe, Russia+, Japan, China, Middle East, South Africa, Oceania
Maxxis Premitra 5 HP5

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