Nexen Tire Launches New SUV Tires Rodian GTX for Year-Round Operation

The SUV market is steadily growing on a global scale. In order to enter this market, Nexen Tire developed a new all-season tire model named Nexen Rodian GTX, which, as the manufacturer claims, have the longest mileage in South Korea.

The designers of Nexen Rodian GTX were able to extend its running life by adding a special polymer to the rubber compound, which minimizes the deformation of tires when in motion. Thanks to this additive, the compound became much more durable in comparison to the existing products of this brand. What also extended the operational life of the new model was the strengthening of the ties between the molecules of the polymer and the filler.

Nexen Rodian GTX — the new all-season model 2019
Nexen Rodian GTX — the new all-season model 2019

In addition to extending the running life of the tire, the designers also increased the elasticity of the Rodian GTX tread pattern at low temperatures, which ultimately improved the effectiveness of the braking performance of this all-season tire in various weather conditions.

The design of Rodian HTX was optimized for better traction and better steering response when cornering, as well as for decreasing the braking distance on dry and wet pavement, and on snow.

The assortment offer of the new Nexen all-season model is available in 40 sizes with fitting diameters ranging from 15 to 22 inches.

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