Omni United is Preparing to Launch Radar Dimax Ice and Dimax Ice Lock Winter Tires

In May, Singapore’s Omni United announced the launch of its new European-type tires Radar Dimax Alpine. However, as it turned out, this was not the only update of the winter range of the company’s flagship brand. It also got two new models designed for harsh operating conditions — Radar Dimax Ice and Radar Dimax Ice Lock.

Both new models got the same directional tread pattern and the same compound that stays elastic even at low temperatures. The only thing makes the new Radar winter tires different from one another are the spikes on Dimax Ice Lock.

Radar Dimax Ice / Radar Dimax Ice Lock
Radar Dimax Ice / Radar Dimax Ice Lock

We will note that the company obviously decided not to put too much extra effort in the designing Dimax Ice and Dimax Ice Lock, basing the new design on the time-tested tread pattern of the Dimax Alpine model. Some small visual differences between the new Radar tires designed for the European Nordic winter are only to be observed in the structure of the central section.