Petlas Glacier W661

Presented in the end of 2019, Petlas Glacier W661 is a passenger car winter tire with a studless directional tread pattern, which, according to the Turkish manufacturer, was developed to help the drivers discover the beauty of winter even in the most challenging road and weather conditions.

The long process of designing and computer modeling, which took place at the production facilities of the Turkish company in Kırşehir, situated in the heart of the Anatolian peninsula, known for its freezing temperatures of the harsh continental climate, led to the appearance of Petlas Glacier W661, a model capable of meeting the demands of the most exacting motorists.

Its prototypes were tested extensively at Petlas’ in-house facilities and test track. The grip that Glacier W661 delivered on winter surfaces earned the tire a 3PMSF certificate; then the tire was subjected to another series of tests in the harsh weather conditions of Finland.

Petlas Glacier W661
Petlas Glacier W661

The V-shaped tread design of this studless tire is not exactly groundbreaking, yet, at the same time, it does ensure a dependable grip on winter roads at the expense of efficient evacuation of water and snow. The multifaceted «claws», situated between the tread blocks of the central section and the shoulder area, allow Petlas W661 to ensure dependable grip on snowy and icy roads, relaying the full momentum of acceleration and braking to the road surface. The extra edges, formed by the wavy lamellas, provide predictable and precise handling needed while changing lanes.

The transversal sipes of the Petlas Glacier W661 tread pattern are designed in such a way as to avoid sliding on mud and slush, while the tread compound promptly reacts to any changes in the weather conditions, ensuring a consistent level of safety and increasing the treadlife.

Quick Take
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  • Available Sizes in Line: 3
  • Year Released: 2019
  • Regions for sale: USA+, Canada
Petlas Glacier W661

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