Sumitomo Announces the Launch of Dunlop All Season Maxx AS1

On October 1 2019, Sumitomo is going to launch on the Japanese market the new tire Dunlop All Season Maxx AS1, which, in addition to dry and wet pavement, can be used on snowy roads. The company is planning to launch 21 size of this model ranging from 155/70 R13 75H to 225/45 R18 95H.

The manufacturer is marketing this new tire as a «durable summer model with dependable grip on sudden snow», which is painfully similar to the marketing spin that was used about Michelin CrossClimate when it was first introduced.

Let us note at once that Dunlop All Season Maxx AS1 got its tread pattern from that was launched a year earlier; at the same time, the company does not specify whether or not these two models use the same rubber compound. Sumitomo only speaks about the new model’s versatility and how it can remain elastic even at low temperatures.

All Season Maxx AS1
Dunlop All Season Maxx AS1

All the performance specifications of the new all-season Dunlop tire are compared to those of Dunlop Enasave EC204. For example, the braking performance of All Season Maxx AS1 is 49% better on snow, and 10% better on wet pavement.

The tread pattern, in which the blocks support each other, ensures the required strength of the tire and a longer running life than that of Enasave EC204.