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Key Facts

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Firestone Firehawk Sport


The Firestone Firehawk Sport is a premier ultra high-performance summer tire meticulously crafted for driving enthusiasts seeking superior control and grip, especially during warmer months. As Firestoneā€™s newest summer offering, this tire incorporates their century-old legacy of reliability and groundbreaking performance, ensuring drivers experience exhilarating drives without compromising safety or affordability.

Features & Benefits

  • Sharp Steering Response: Enables precise vehicle control and maintains high cornering speeds, especially during tight turns.
  • Exceptional Wet Grip: Achieved an EU Label Grade A for wet grip performance, ensuring excellent control in damp or rainy conditions.
  • Improved Dry Braking: Showcases a 9% shorter stopping distance compared to its predecessor, the Firehawk SZ90Ī¼.


  • Sporty Tire Profile: Facilitates sharp steering response by maximizing tire-to-road contact.
  • Asymmetric Wall Angles: Enhance overall grip and control, even during aggressive cornering.
  • Optimized Rib and Void Distribution: This aids in achieving commendable wet grip performance.
  • Variable Rib Profile & Innovative Mixing Technology: Used in the compound design to ensure optimal performance across varied terrains.

Year Released

The Firestone Firehawk Sport was unveiled in 2023 as a successor to the Firehawk SZ90Ī¼.

Regions Availability

This tire is available for purchase in Europe.

Vehicle Compatibility / Popular Vehicle Fitments

The Firehawk Sport, available in 36 sizes ranging from 18ā€ to 20ā€, caters to a vast spectrum of everyday vehicles, sports cars, traditional cars, and even modern electric vehicles. This makes it an apt choice for driving aficionados regardless of vehicle type.

Final Thoughts

The Firestone Firehawk Sport stands as a testament to Firestoneā€™s unwavering commitment to advancing tire technology and meeting the evolving needs of modern drivers. From its impressive wet and dry grip to its broad vehicle compatibility range, this tire is a robust choice for those seeking an upgrade in their summer driving experience. With accolades from AUTO StraƟenverkehr and Auto Bild Sportscars in 2023, this tire proves that it's not just about legacy, but about continuing to set new benchmarks in tire innovation and performance.

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Firestone / Firehawk Sport
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