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Key Facts

Sold By

Nokian Powerproof SUV

Manufacturer's description

Premium summer tire for powerful SUV's.

The new Nokian Powerproof SUV is a premium UHP tire designed for powerful SUV’s. Designed for safe and carefree driving, the new Nokian Powerproof SUV offers peace of mind for both high-speed lane changes and sudden braking. Coming with strong and improved SUV structure, the Nokian Powerproof SUV is equipped with Nokian Tyres’ unique Aramid Sidewall technology.

  • Precise and predictable high-speed handling on highway
  • Maximum stability and enjoyable driving feel
  • Extra tough aramid sidewalls for all life's adventures

The size selection of Nokian Powerproof SUV offers 29 products from 17 to 21 inches, with speed ratings of V (240km/h), W (270 km/h) and Y (300 km/h). The new products will be available to consumers in the spring of 2020.

Notable Features

Nokian Powerproof SUV is a UHP summer tire developed by the Finnish tire maker specially for the owners of powerful SUVs who mostly drive down the highways of the Central Europe. This model is characterized by dependable traction at highway speeds and on wet pavement, and, as the manufacturer claims, exceptionally long tread life and ride comfort. A new model of the summer season 2020.

The appearance of the Nokian Powerproof SUV was just a question of time. The passenger-car model Nokian Powerproof, which debuted a year before the SUV-version, fitted in perfectly with the tire maker’s range, taking its summer product to a higher level in the independent comparative tests. For example, in two of the five tests performed in 2019, the Powerproof model was able to win a few prizes, keeping up with the leading manufacturers of Ultra High Performance tires.

We should hardly mention the fact that the Power Proof SUV model utilizes a fair number of technologies that were used in the passenger-car tire series, specifically, the Dual Zone Safety concept. This technology ensures that the contact patch that is under pressure will always stay the same, and the car’s behavior will remain predictable. Dual Zone Safety concept

According to the concept, the tread pattern is divided into two functional zones: the outer Power Zone, focused on increasing the crispness of steering response, and the inner Wet Safety Zone, which ensures maximum safety on wet pavement.

The tread pattern, as well as the heavy-duty reinforced inner construction of the Nokian Powerproof SUV, are optimized for the exacting demands and high speeds. They ensure good stability on wet and dry pavements from the first moments of spring to the first light frosts in autumn.

The sipes in the shoulder blocks is one of the distinctive features of the passenger-car Powerproof tires. The extra-sturdy Aramid sidewalls make the model more resistant to sudden shocks and cuts.

The Dynamic Grip SUV rubber compound was created with a special focus on heavy SUVs. It ensures extra road adhesion, serves to reduce rolling resistance, and extends the Powerproof SUV tread life.

The Nokian Powerproof SUV was released simultaneously with the Nokian Wetproof SUV.

Detailed Information

Type and Size
Tire Model
Nokian / Powerproof SUV
Car Type
Rim Diameter
17 / 18 / 19 / 20 / 21 "
235 / 245 / 255 / 265 / 275 / 285 / 295 / 315 mm
Aspect Ratio
35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 %
Special Features
Mud and Snow
Extra Load
Speed and Load
Speed Index
V (max 149 mph) ... Y (max 186 mph)
Load Index (max load for a tire)

Nokian / Powerproof SUV Sizes & Specifications

Rim Model Size Index Features Tread depth Static loaded radius Max inflation pressure Utqg Measured rim width Tread width Approved rim width Load range Sidewall styling Overall width Revs per mile Tire weight Overall diameter Price
R17 235/65 R17 108W XL 235/65 R17 108W XL XL
R18 235/60 R18 107W XL 235/60 R18 107W XL XL
R18 255/55 R18 109Y XL 255/55 R18 109Y XL XL
R18 255/60 R18 112V XL 255/60 R18 112V XL XL
R19 235/50 R19 99V 235/50 R19 99V
R19 235/55 R19 105W XL 235/55 R19 105W XL XL
R19 255/50 R19 107Y XL 255/50 R19 107Y XL XL
R19 255/55 R19 111W XL 255/55 R19 111W XL XL
R19 265/50 R19 110Y XL 265/50 R19 110Y XL XL
R19 285/45 R19 111W XL 285/45 R19 111W XL XL
R20 235/55 R20 102W 235/55 R20 102W
R20 245/45 R20 103Y XL 245/45 R20 103Y XL XL
R20 255/45 R20 105Y XL 255/45 R20 105Y XL XL
R20 255/50 R20 109Y XL 255/50 R20 109Y XL XL
R20 255/55 R20 110Y XL 255/55 R20 110Y XL XL
R20 265/45 R20 108Y XL 265/45 R20 108Y XL XL
R20 265/50 R20 111W XL 265/50 R20 111W XL XL
R20 275/40 R20 106Y XL 275/40 R20 106Y XL XL
R20 275/45 R20 110Y XL 275/45 R20 110Y XL XL
R20 275/50 R20 113W XL 275/50 R20 113W XL XL
R20 285/45 R20 112Y XL 285/45 R20 112Y XL XL
R20 315/35 R20 110Y XL 315/35 R20 110Y XL XL
R21 255/40 R21 102Y XL 255/40 R21 102Y XL XL
R21 265/40 R21 105Y XL 265/40 R21 105Y XL XL
R21 265/45 R21 108W XL 265/45 R21 108W XL XL
R21 275/40 R21 107Y XL 275/40 R21 107Y XL XL
R21 275/45 R21 110Y XL 275/45 R21 110Y XL XL
R21 295/35 R21 107Y XL 295/35 R21 107Y XL XL
R21 295/40 R21 111Y XL 295/40 R21 111Y XL XL

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