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Tire Rank :: Nokian Wetproof SUV

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Nokian Wetproof SUV

Manufacturer's description

Small and medium-sized SUVs.

The new Nokian Wetproof SUV is a safe and reliable summer tire tailored for Central European roads. The excellent wet braking abilities and powerful aquaplaning resistance make driving easy and comfortable even in rainy days. Nokian Wetproof SUV comes with Nokian Tyres’ Aramid Sidewall technology providing more durability and protection for demanding driving situations.

  • Extreme safety for wet and dry roads
  • Top-level stability and comfort also in rough roads
  • Extra tough aramid sidewalls for maximum durability

Notable Features

Nokian Wetproof SUV is an asymmetric summer tire, facilitating “navigating” dry and wet roads of the Central Europe. Nokian Wetproof SUV is meant to be installed on small to midsize SUVs. A new model of the summer season 2020. The release of the Nokian Wetproof SUV model was quite an expectable event because the passenger-car version, released a year earlier, already demonstrated good results in independent comparative tests, giving the Finnish tire maker a reason to be proud not only of its winter tires. Just as the passenger-car Nokian Wetproof, the SUV tire model utilizes the patented Dual Zone Safety concept that was developed specially for various summer conditions. The tread pattern is divided into two functional zones. The zone of stability covers the outer part of the asymmetric tread, making maneuvering easy and confident, and ensuring good stability and great handling response. Dual Zone Safety concept At the same time, the wet pavement safety zone covers the inner part of the Wetproof SUV tread. It improves the tire’s grip on wet pavement, and increases hydroplaning resistance. The Responsive Lock technology was developed to support the Wet Proof SUV longitudinal ribs, allowing the water to quickly leave the surface of the tire. The grooves on the ribs are equipped with blocking elements that, bearing against one another, react when the car is set in motion. This new innovative design increases the driving stability without compromising the safety on wet pavement. The new-generation rubber compound Aqua Hybrid SUV also ensures extra safety in the rainy weather. The polymers and silica that it contains strengthen the tire’s grip on wet pavement and increase its fuel efficiency. And it comes as no surprise that the “wet” traction of Nokian Wetproof SUV refers to Class A. The Aramid Sidewalls technology increase the tire’s resistance to tear and puncture. The effect of Aramid fibers is further strengthened by the sturdy heavy-duty inner construction. Lodged in the main drainage grooves, the “stone ejectors” prevent the tread from disruption.

The Nokian Wetproof SUV was released simultaneously with the Nokian Powerproof SUV, designed for larger and more powerful SUVs.

Detailed Information

Type and Size
Tire Model
Nokian / Wetproof SUV
Car Type
Rim Diameter
16 / 17 / 18 / 19 "
215 / 225 / 235 / 245 / 255 / 265 mm
Aspect Ratio
55 / 60 / 65 / 70 %
Special Features
Mud and Snow
Extra Load
Speed and Load
Speed Index
H (max 130 mph) ... W (max 168 mph)
Load Index (max load for a tire)

Nokian / Wetproof SUV Sizes & Specifications

Rim Model Size Index Features Tread width Overall diameter Measured rim width Tire weight Sidewall styling Approved rim width Utqg Load range Revs per mile Static loaded radius Max inflation pressure Overall width Tread depth Price
R16 215/65 R16 98V 215/65 R16 98V
From 88.8
R16 215/65 R16 102H XL 215/65 R16 102H XL XL
From 89.3
R16 215/70 R16 100H 215/70 R16 100H
From 83.6
R16 225/70 R16 103H 225/70 R16 103H
From 96.7
R16 235/60 R16 100H 235/60 R16 100H
From 91.1
R16 235/70 R16 106H 235/70 R16 106H
From 91.5
R16 245/70 R16 111H XL 245/70 R16 111H XL XL
From 113.3
R16 265/70 R16 112H 265/70 R16 112H
From 119.4
R17 215/60 R17 100V XL 215/60 R17 100V XL XL
From 104.0
R17 215/65 R17 103V XL 215/65 R17 103V XL XL
From 95.1
R17 225/60 R17 103V XL 225/60 R17 103V XL XL
From 105.0
R17 225/65 R17 102H 225/65 R17 102H
From 89.8
R17 225/65 R17 106V XL 225/65 R17 106V XL XL
From 88.6
R17 235/55 R17 103V XL 235/55 R17 103V XL XL
From 111.6
R17 235/60 R17 102V 235/60 R17 102V
From 120.0
R17 235/65 R17 108V XL 235/65 R17 108V XL XL
From 104.0
R17 245/65 R17 111H XL 245/65 R17 111H XL XL
From 135.3
R17 255/60 R17 106V 255/60 R17 106V
From 120.8
R17 255/65 R17 114H XL 255/65 R17 114H XL XL
From 123.5
R17 265/65 R17 116H XL 265/65 R17 116H XL XL
From 118.7
R18 215/55 R18 99V XL 215/55 R18 99V XL XL
From 103.7
R18 225/55 R18 98V 225/55 R18 98V
From 125.5
R18 225/60 R18 104W XL 225/60 R18 104W XL XL
From 114.9
R18 235/55 R18 100V 235/55 R18 100V
From 108.7
R18 235/60 R18 103V 235/60 R18 103V
From 97.0
R18 265/60 R18 110V 265/60 R18 110V
From 140.7
R19 225/55 R19 103V XL 225/55 R19 103V XL XL
From 118.8

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