Tyre Reviews: All-Season Tire Test R15 2024

Tyre Reviews: All-Season Tire Test R15

Diving deep into the world of tire evaluations, Tyre Reviews brings forth an exhaustive study of ten leading all-season tires tailored for the 2023/24 season. Transitioning from the 17" focus of the previous year, this year's emphasis is on the more compact 15" wheel size. For a holistic understanding, summer and winter reference tires have been integrated into the test. Each tire has been critically assessed across varying terrains, including dry, wet, and snowy conditions, with added insights into their noise levels, comfort, and energy efficiency. In the past, the Michelin CrossClimate 2 reigned supreme for two consecutive years. The burning question remains: Can it clinch the title for the third time?

  1. Michelin CrossClimate 2 - Winner Recommended
    Michelin CrossClimate 2
    86 54
    · All Season · 2020 · Passenger - Performance All-Season

    The Michelin CrossClimate 2 showcased an exceptional performance, capturing the premier spot in the test. With its exceptional capabilities in dry braking and snow conditions, along with commendable comfort and aquaplaning resistance, it reaffirms its strong hold in the market. However, certain aspects related to wet conditions indicate room for further enhancement.

    • Positive: Emerged as the test winner. Best-in-class performance in dry braking. Impressive grip in dry conditions. Superior aquaplaning resistance. Led the charts in snow braking and snow traction. Recorded the fastest snow handling lap. Exhibited very good levels of comfort. Remarkably low rolling resistance.

    • Negative: Showed average results in wet braking. Performance in wet handling ranked 8th, indicating a need for improvement.

    Subj. Snow Handling   Snow Traction   Straight Aquaplaning   Rolling Resistance   Snow Braking   Dry Braking   Snow Handling   Price  
    USA+ USA+ · Canada Canada · Europe Europe · Russia+ Russia+ · Japan Japan
    Test Score:
  2. Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 Recommended
    Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3
    91 61
    · All Season · 2020 · Passenger - Premium Touring All-Season

    Securing a commendable second place, the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 narrowly outperformed the Hankook by just 0.2%. While both tires showed proficiency in dry conditions, the Goodyear took the lead with its superior wet handling performance and had an edge in snow conditions and rolling resistance. Its synergy with the Golf in various conditions was evident, and had it showcased slightly better dry braking, it might have clinched the top spot. Goodyear continues its tradition of delivering versatile, no-compromise tires.

    • Positive: A harmonious balance across varying conditions. Outstanding dry handling. Led the charts in wet handling and recorded short wet braking distances. Admirable performance in snow conditions. Best comfort level in the test. Efficient rolling resistance.

    • Negative: Could use improvement in dry braking performance.

    Subj. Comfort   Wet Handling   Dry Handling   Subj. Wet Handling   Wet Braking   Subj. Dry Handling   Price  
    Europe Europe · Russia+ Russia+ · Japan Japan · South Africa South Africa
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  3. Hankook Kinergy 4S 2 H750 Recommended
    Hankook Kinergy 4S 2 H750
    82 55
    · All Season · 2018 · Passenger - Performance All-Season

    The Hankook Kinergy 4S2 stands out with its superior performance in both dry handling and wet braking. While it exhibits proficiency in wet handling, dry braking, and comfort, it doesn't quite match the best in snow performance. However, as highlighted, an all-season tire that excels in dry and wet conditions might be more valuable to many than one focused primarily on snow. This balance found in the Hankook Kinergy 4S2 aligns well with what many seek in an all-season tire.

    • Positive: Dominates in dry handling. Impressive dry braking distance. Unrivalled performance in wet braking. Commendable levels of comfort. Efficient rolling resistance.

    • Negative: Needs improvement in aquaplaning resistance. Only average performance in snowy conditions.

    Subj. Comfort   Wet Braking   Dry Handling   Subj. Dry Handling   Subj. Wet Handling   Snow Handling   Straight Aquaplaning  
    USA+ USA+ · Canada Canada · Europe Europe · Russia+ Russia+ · East Asia East Asia
    Test Score:
  4. Kleber Quadraxer 3 Recommended
    Kleber Quadraxer 3
    N/A 14
    · All Season · Passenger - Premium Touring All-Season

    Positioned fourth, the Kleber Quadraxer 3 is a testament to Michelin's quality, even under its sub-brand. Exhibiting traits reminiscent of the slightly pricier CrossClimate 2, the Quadraxer 3 shines in dry and snowy conditions while delivering satisfactory results in wet terrains. Coupled with its notable quietness and comfort, the tire's primary deviation from its Michelin counterpart is its 7% higher rolling resistance, which might be an acceptable trade-off for those prioritizing cost.

    • Positive: Stellar performance in dry braking. Respectable wet braking capabilities. Reliable aquaplaning resistance. Outstanding grip in snowy conditions. Premium comfort levels enhancing the driving experience.

    • Negative: Room for improvement in wet handling. Exhibits a rolling resistance above the average benchmark.

    Subj. Comfort   Straight Aquaplaning   Subj. Snow Handling   Snow Handling   Dry Braking   Wet Handling   Rolling Resistance  
    Europe Europe
    Test Score:
  5. Vredestein Quatrac Recommended
    Vredestein Quatrac
    89 40
    · All Season · 2020 · Passenger - Premium Touring All-Season

    Securing the 5th spot overall, the Vredestein Quatrac showcased commendable prowess around both dry and wet handling laps. Its capability extends to snowy conditions, making it a well-rounded tire. The only evident chink in its armor was in wet braking. Given its price point, the Quatrac is a worthy contender in its segment, presenting good value for money.

    • Positive: Efficient dry braking and commendable dry handling. Stands out during wet handling laps. Displays good traction and performance in snowy conditions.

    • Negative: Needs improvement in wet and snow braking. Rolling resistance is on the higher side compared to its peers.

    Subj. Wet Handling   Wet Handling   Subj. Dry Handling   Snow Braking   Wet Braking   Rolling Resistance  
    Europe Europe
    Test Score:
  6. Firestone MultiSeason Gen 02
    Firestone MultiSeason Gen 02
    72 33
    · All Season · 2019 · Passenger - Premium Touring All-Season

    The recently launched Firestone MultiSeason Gen 02, under the umbrella of the esteemed Bridgestone brand, exhibits commendable performance particularly in snowy terrains. Its prowess extends to wet handling and offers an acceptable level of rolling resistance. However, its braking performance in both wet and dry conditions hinders its standing in the competition.

    • Positive: Impressive performance around wet handling laps. Stellar traction and grip in snowy conditions. Efficient rolling resistance showcasing its quality.

    • Negative: Takes a longer distance to come to a stop in dry braking conditions. Comfort level lags behind some competitors.

    Snow Braking   Price   Wet Handling   Snow Traction   Subj. Comfort   Dry Braking  
    Europe Europe · Russia+ Russia+
    Test Score:
  7. Falken EuroAll Season AS210
    Falken EuroAll Season AS210
    78 42
    · All Season · 2018 · Passenger - High Performance All-Season

    Claiming the 7th spot, the Falken Euroall Season AS210 displays competent handling in dry conditions and performs commendably around wet handling laps. While it lacks in feedback, its wet performance is worth noting. Nonetheless, its efficacy dwindles in snowy terrains and it records the highest rolling resistance among its peers. This tire may be more fitting for regions with milder winter conditions, offering a decent performance for its category.

    • Positive: Reliable handling in dry conditions. Exhibits shorter distances in wet braking. Commendable performance on wet handling laps.

    • Negative: Longer distances to halt in dry braking scenarios. Limited resistance against aquaplaning. Performance decreases notably in snowy conditions. Tops the chart in rolling resistance, indicating room for improvement.

    Wet Braking   Price   Wet Handling   Subj. Dry Handling   Straight Aquaplaning   Snow Braking   Rolling Resistance   Snow Traction  
    Europe Europe
    Test Score:
  8. Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert 2
    Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert 2
    75 27
    · All Season · 2018 · Passenger - Performance All-Season

    The Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert 2 showcased its forte in aquaplaning resistance, outclassing its competitors. A recurring highlight for Uniroyal tires, it exemplifies superior water displacement capabilities. However, its grip failed to match the top contenders in the group, reflecting its challenges in diverse categories.

    • Positive: Superior aquaplaning resistance, leading the test group. Commendable performance in snowy terrains. Offers a comfortable driving experience.

    • Negative: Falls behind in dry conditions, with noticeably long braking distances. Wet braking performance remains average, failing to outshine its rivals.

    Subj. Comfort   Straight Aquaplaning   Dry Braking   Dry Handling   Subj. Wet Handling   Subj. Dry Handling  
    Europe Europe · Russia+ Russia+
    Test Score:
  9. Toyo Celsius AS2
    Toyo Celsius AS2
    70 37
    · All Season · 2021 · Passenger - Premium Touring All-Season

    The Toyo Celsius AS2 presented a moderate performance profile. In dry conditions, it managed to perform reasonably well; however, it did not stand out in any specific domain. Its significant drawbacks were most evident in wet and snowy terrains, underscoring the challenges this tire faces in diverse conditions.

    • Positive: Exhibits good braking performance in dry conditions. Maintains decent aquaplaning resistance.

    • Negative: Demonstrates reduced grip in wet and snowy conditions. Offers suboptimal comfort levels. Registers high rolling resistance, indicating inefficiencies.

    Dry Braking   Subj. Comfort   Wet Braking   Rolling Resistance   Wet Handling   Dry Handling   Snow Handling   Snow Braking   Snow Traction   Subj. Wet Handling  
    Europe Europe · East Asia East Asia · Southeast Asia Southeast Asia · Middle East Middle East
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