Auto Zeitung: All-Season Tire Test R17 2024

Auto Zeitung: All-Season Tire Test R17

Auto Zeitung's recent test of all-season tires was an extensive and practical evaluation, particularly relevant for drivers in regions with moderate climates. The objective was to determine if all-season tires could effectively replace the traditional cycle of summer and winter tires, maintaining year-round performance without compromising safety or aesthetics.

The magazine carefully selected various latest all-season models from leading tire manufacturers, including some newly released or not yet available in the market, showcasing the latest in tire technology. The testing methodology was thorough, comparing retail production samples with test tires to ensure the findings were accurate and relevant, particularly for models like Vredestein that were upcoming in the consumer market.

  1. Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 - Winner Recommended
    Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3
    91 59
    · All Season · 2020 · Passenger - Premium Touring All-Season

    The Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3, securing the first place, exemplifies outstanding all-round performance. On snow, it instills confidence with its well-balanced nature, superior braking, and reliable cornering stability. In wet conditions, its responsive steering and high-level grip ensure both speed and safety. The tire's substantial grip reserve aids in swift passing, while its low rolling resistance enhances comfort. Its ability to deliver consistently high performance without compromises positions it as a well-deserved test winner.

    Dry Grip Reserve   Wet Grip   Best Snow Braking   Comfort   Low Rolling Resistance   Wet Steering Response   Snow Balance   Snow Cornering Stability   Overall High Performance  
    Europe Europe · Russia+ Russia+ · Japan Japan · South Africa South Africa
    Test Score:
  2. Michelin CrossClimate 2 Recommended
    Michelin CrossClimate 2
    86 54
    · All Season · 2020 · Passenger - Performance All-Season

    The Michelin CrossClimate 2, securing second place, demonstrates robust capabilities in various conditions. In snow, it confidently passes tests, showcasing top-tier performance in almost all areas, except for braking. On wet surfaces, it exhibits a delayed reaction to course changes, although its hydroplaning resistance and braking are commendable. The tire excels on dry roads, evidenced by the shortest braking distances, impressive maneuverability in slalom, and minimal rolling resistance. The tire's superior performance on snow and dry pavement compensates for its average wet performance, further bolstered by its economical nature and low rolling resistance.

    Dry Road Performance   Dry Braking   Wet Braking   Low Rolling Resistance   Economical Efficiency   Snow Performance (except braking)   Wet Hydroplaning Resistance   Dry Slalom Maneuverability   Snow Braking   Wet Reaction Delay  
    USA+ USA+ · Canada Canada · Europe Europe · Russia+ Russia+ · Japan Japan
    Test Score:
  3. Hankook Kinergy 4S 2 H750
    Hankook Kinergy 4S 2 H750
    82 53
    · All Season · 2018 · Passenger - Performance All-Season

    The Hankook Kinergy 4S 2 H750, occupying the third spot, exhibits a mixed performance across different conditions. In winter settings, it's less suited, with only mediocre steering precision and feedback, accompanied by a tendency to drift. The tire shows a neutral balance in wet conditions with clear feedback and a short braking distance, but its lateral stability doesn't match that of the Goodyear. In dry conditions, the Hankook excels, demonstrating exceptional handling and grip, showcasing its athletic capabilities. Despite its longevity in the market, it performs commendably on wet and dry roads, though it falls short in snow conditions.

    Dry Handling   Wet Braking Distance   Wet Balance   Dry Grip   Snow Steering Precision   Snow Feedback   Snow Suitability   Wet Lateral Stability   Snow Drift Tendency  
    USA+ USA+ · Canada Canada · Europe Europe · Russia+ Russia+ · East Asia East Asia
    Test Score:
  4. Kleber Quadraxer 3
    Kleber Quadraxer 3
    81 35
    · All Season · 2022 · Passenger - Premium Touring All-Season

    The Kleber Quadraxer 3, ranking fourth, presents a strong performance in certain aspects but falls short in others. On snow, it offers exceptional capabilities, including the shortest braking distances and high performance in other metrics, outshining many seasonal tires. However, its performance in wet conditions is marred by significant understeer, sluggish steering response, and extended braking distances. The tire delivers consistently average results in dry conditions but is hampered by a tendency towards understeer, limiting fast cornering. While it excels on snow and maintains stability on dry surfaces, the notable deficiencies in wet conditions prevent it from earning a recommendation.

    Dry Stability   Snow Performance   Snow Braking   Dry Cornering Speed   Wet Understeer   Wet Steering Response   Wet Hydroplaning Resistance   Wet Braking Distance  
    Europe Europe
    Test Score:
  5. Pirelli Cinturato All Season SF 2
    Pirelli Cinturato All Season SF 2
    79 54
    · All Season · 2021 · Passenger - Premium Touring All-Season

    The Pirelli Cinturato All Season SF 2, achieving fifth place, demonstrates a mixed performance across various conditions. Despite refinement, it offers only average snow grip, with a tendency to oversteer that renders it maneuverable yet unstable. In wet conditions, the tire excels with short braking distances, sporty and precise steering, and stable grip. On dry roads, it showcases superior braking performance. However, as a puncture-proof tire, it suffers from high rolling resistance. Its unrivaled wet performance is overshadowed by mediocre snow capabilities and high rolling resistance, factors that limit its ranking to fifth place.

    Wet Grip   Wet Steering Response   Dry Braking   Wet Braking   High Rolling Resistance   Snow Grip   Snow Stability (Oversteer)  
    Canada Canada · Europe Europe · Russia+ Russia+ · Japan Japan
    Test Score:
  6. Vredestein Quatrac Pro+
    Vredestein Quatrac Pro+
    N/A 30
    · All Season · 2023 · Passenger - Ultra High Performance All-Season

    The Vredestein Quatrac Pro+, holding the sixth position, delivers an adequate yet unimpressive performance. It maintains a neutral balance and reliable braking across conditions. The tire provides clear feedback and is responsive to steering inputs, though it occasionally exhibits a tendency to drift during load changes. Its resistance to hydroplaning is moderate. On dry roads, while the Vredestein offers good cornering grip, it falls short in terms of precision and feedback, accompanied by fairly long braking distances. The updated model, though balanced, reveals shortcomings in wet conditions with insufficient grip and subpar braking performance.

    Neutral Balance   Reliable Braking   Steering Responsiveness   Dry Cornering Grip   Dry Feedback   Wet Braking Performance   Drift Tendency on Load Changes   Wet Grip   Performance Impressiveness   Hydroplaning Resistance   Dry Braking Distance   Dry Precision  
    Europe Europe
    Test Score:
  7. Firestone MultiSeason Gen 02
    Firestone MultiSeason Gen 02
    73 35
    · All Season · 2019 · Passenger - Premium Touring All-Season

    The Firestone MultiSeason Gen 02, ranked seventh, displays moderate capabilities across different conditions. In snow, it offers good traction and braking, yet struggles with understeer, particularly in corners. Wet performance is average, severely impacted by understeer and poor lateral hydroplaning resistance. In dry conditions, while braking distances are long, they remain within safety standards. However, handling and steering feedback are lacking.

    Snow Traction   Snow Braking   Dry Safety Standards Compliance   Wet Performance   Snow Cornering Understeer   Lack of Steering Feedback   Dry Braking Distance   Dry Handling   Wet Lateral Hydroplaning  
    Europe Europe · Russia+ Russia+
    Test Score:
  8. Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert 2
    Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert 2
    74 28
    · All Season · 2018 · Passenger - Performance All-Season

    The Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert 2, placed eighth, displays a varied performance across different driving conditions. The tire has a relatively short braking distance in snow, but its lack of traction and pronounced understeer limit fast driving. Its standout feature is impressive resistance to hydroplaning, yet it delivers average performance in other wet tests. On dry roads, the tire is hindered by long braking distances and high noise levels, negatively impacting comfort, although it does respond swiftly to steering inputs. Overall, the Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert 2 excels in hydroplaning scenarios but faces challenges in snow with quick loss of traction and on dry surfaces due to extended braking distances.

    Wet Hydroplaning Resistance   Dry Steering Responsiveness   Snow Braking   Snow Traction   Comfort   Wet Average Performance   Noise Level   Dry Braking Distance   Snow Understeer  
    Europe Europe · Russia+ Russia+
    Test Score:
  9. Nexen N Blue 4Season 2
    Nexen N Blue 4Season 2
    N/A 27
    · All Season · 2022 · Passenger - Ultra High Performance All-Season

    The Nexen N Blue 4Season 2, positioned ninth, exhibits a performance with notable limitations. In snow conditions, it performs adequately in braking but struggles with traction and cornering stability. Precise steering is overshadowed by issues in directional stability. On wet surfaces, the tire displays a tendency to drift and suffers from insufficient grip and the longest braking distances. Its performance on dry roads is acceptable, marked by some of the best highway times, but this is compromised by a lack of grip and a drifting tendency. As a budget-friendly option, it offers passable performance for an all-season tire on snow and dry roads, but its severe grip deficit on wet surfaces is a significant drawback.

    Snow Braking   Dry Highway Performance   Precise Steering   Wet Road Deficit   Drift Tendency   Snow Traction   Dry Grip   Snow Cornering Stability   Wet Braking Distance   Wet Grip  
    Europe Europe
    Test Score:
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