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The drivers said they loved dry and wet street traction and handling provided by this tire.
A delighted driver was very satisfied at the ride quality, steering responsiveness and overall feeling of the tire.
The drivers appreciated very good quality and a great price.
A few drivers mentioned that they were impressed by the smooth and quiet ride provided by this tire.

Reasons not to buy

Some drivers complained the tires didn't last long and tread wear was rather quick.
The owners noticed the tires were significantly louder on the highway.


The Pirelli P Zero PZ4 tires are developed for some of the most exclusive and highest performing vehicles available. The tread compound is based on whether the tire is intended for a sports car or a luxury vehicle. Sports car tires focus on dry handling, grip and lateral stability, while the luxury vehicle tire is tuned for comfort and noise. All of the P Zero PZ4 have wide grooves for efficient water evacuation and hydroplaning resistance.

  • Customized outer tread design: low noise emission and low rolling resistance achieved by optimized pitch sequence and siping design.
  • Customized inner tread design: superior safety in wet conditions thanks to the high silica content. Better traction and riding comfort with high pitch sequence.
  • Customized tread compound solutions: improved rolling resistance, wet performance and better mileage.

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