Autofil: Studdable Winter Tire Test R16 2018

Do you want the best and safest winter tires for your car? We tested 22 tires with or without spikes, and tell you which ones are the best and worst in different ways.

For the first time, Dagbladet, Autofil and participate in a great test of winter tires for northern countries and can show which tires are the best.

  1. 8.7 Michelin X-Ice North 4

    New Michelin studded tires are the best we've ever ridden on ice. The grip is very good, it behaves steadily without a sudden release in difficult conditions and is therefore very safe. It slows down a little worse in the snow. The noise level is average for studded tires, and the directional stability is very good.

    Performance on the Track (Ice / Snow) Directional Stability Acceleration (Ice / Snow) Rolling Resistance Drive Feeling (Ice / Snow) Braking (Ice / Snow / Dry)
  2. 8.5 Continental IceContact 2

    Continental has a very good grip in most winter conditions and feels safe and stable to ride on winding roads. It feels safe and never loses grip in the snow. On asphalt, the braking distance is not the shortest, but with critical maneuvers it behaves steadily. This tire gives you good qualities both on ice and on snow and asphalt. Rolling resistance is slightly higher than the best.

    Acceleration (Ice / Snow) Performance on the Track (Ice / Snow) Braking (Ice / Snow) Drive Feeling (Ice / Snow / Wet)
  3. 8.4 Hankook Winter i*Pike RS2 W429

    Hankook is very good on the ice, good winding stability and precise steering. Performance worse on asphalt. Braking distance is long and lateral grip could be better.

    Rolling Resistance Acceleration (Ice / Snow) Drive Feeling (Ice / Snow) Braking (Ice / Snow) Noise
  4. 8.4 Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9

    Nokian holds ice well and you rarely have problems in difficult situations. In the snow, grip is not one of the best, but the tire behaves very logical and provides balanced driving performance. On wet asphalt, the braking distance is short and the steering is precise. Nokian managed to make the tire a good compromise between the properties of snow, ice and wet asphalt. Stability, noise and rolling resistance are at a good average level.

    Rolling Resistance Acceleration (Ice / Snow) Drive Feeling (Ice / Snow) Braking (Ice / Snow) Performance on the Track (Ice / Snow)
  5. 8.1 Bridgestone Noranza 001

    Bridgestone has good grip on ice, especially when braking and accelerating. The braking distance and lateral grip are worse than desired on wet asphalt. The tires has low rolling resistance and average noise, but it is unstable and requires adjustment of the steering wheel on the track.

    Acceleration (Ice) Drive Feeling (Ice) Performance on the Track (Ice) Braking (Ice)
  6. 7.9 Vredestein Wintrac Ice

    Vredestein behaves logically on the ice and does not present unexpected surprises, despite the fact that the clutch is not one of the best. On the snow, the side grip is too bad, which can cause problems on winding roads. On wet asphalt tires behave logically and are easy to manage. The steering is precise, not least on dry pavement. Noise and rolling resistance are average, and the tire holds the road well on the track.

    Acceleration (Ice) Braking (Dry) Performance on the Track (Ice / Snow) Drive Feeling (Ice / Snow)
  7. 7.8 Pirelli Ice Zero

    On wet asphalt, the steering is less accurate, and the clutch of the rear wheels is released relatively early. On dry asphalt, the tire works well. Tire noise is relatively loud, and rolling resistance and directional stability are average.

    Acceleration (Ice) Braking (Dry) Noise
  8. 7.7 Gislaved Nord*Frost 200

    With only 130 spikes, Gislaved's grip on ice is worse than many of its competitors. On snow, tire braking performance is very good. Gislaved - silent spike with medium rolling resistance, but directional stability is relatively poor.

    Braking (Snow) Performance on the Track (Ice) Directional Stability
  9. 7.7 Yokohama Ice Guard IG65

    Yokohama keeps well on ice, but not as good as the best. The steering is precise, but the rear tire grip weakens, so it is hard to cope with the car in difficult situations. Brake grip on wet asphalt is good. The noise is average, but the tires on the highway are unstable.

    Acceleration (Ice) Steering Precision Performance on the Track (Ice) Braking (Ice)
  10. 7.6 Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice Arctic

    Goodyear brakes well on ice, but lateral grip is too bad. On the snow, the tires behave stably, it brakes well, but the lateral grip is sensitive to large steering wheel impacts. On wet asphalt, the grip is good, even in critical situations, and does not cause unpleasant surprises. On dry asphalt, grip with the front wheels is not good enough. The tire has high rolling resistance, but it is stable on the track.

    Performance on the Track (Snow) Braking (Ice / Snow) Noise
  11. 6.8 Cooper Weather-Master WSC

    Cooper has few spikes, and the grip on the ice is so bad that the best tires without spikes beat it. Tires are constantly losing traction and make it more difficult to drive a car. On the snow, grip is better. It is an excellent tire with a short stopping distance and excellent handling on asphalt. It is easy to control in the dry. Tires has a high rolling resistance, but an average noise level.

    Drive Feeling (Wet) Braking (Wet) Performance on the Track (Wet) Rolling Resistance Performance on the Track (Snow) Acceleration (Snow) Braking (Ice)
  12. 6.6 Nexen Winguard Winspike

    Nexen has a long braking distance and relatively poor lateral grip on the ice. In the snow, if possible, one more step is worse. On wet asphalt, the grip is very good, and the tire is easy to control in critical situations. Nexen provides the best driving performance on dry pavement. The noise level is average and the rolling level is the highest for all test tires.

    Braking (Wet / Dry) Rolling Resistance Performance on the Track (Snow) Braking (Ice / Snow) Acceleration (Snow)
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