Autofil: Studless Winter Tire Test R16 2018

Do you want the best and safest winter tires for your car? We tested 22 tires with or without spikes, and tell you which ones are the best and worst in different ways.

For the first time, Dagbladet, Autofil and participate in a great test of winter tires for northern countries and can show which tires are the best.

  1. 7.9 Continental VikingContact 7

    Continental grip is very good for studless tires on ice and gives you good control over the car. Tires behave steadily and logically on the snow, at the same time when the steering is good. The braking distance is not the shortest on wet asphalt, but good lateral grip means that it is still easy to control in critical situations. It is a quiet tire with low rolling resistance. It is stable and comfortable on the track.

    Performance on the Track (Wet / Snow) Braking (Dry) Drive Feeling (Snow) Noise Acceleration (Snow)
  2. 7.6 Goodyear UltraGrip Ice 2

    Goodyear brakes and looks good on ice, but lateral grip is not at the same level. On snow, tires are more stable and hold the road well. This is the best tire on the asphalt without spikes. It provides precise control.

    Stability Performance on the Track (Snow) Noise Acceleration (Snow) Rolling Resistance Drive Feeling (Snow / Wet) Braking (Snow / Wet / Dry) Acceleration (Ice) Drive Feeling (Ice) Performance on the Track (Ice)
  3. 7.6 Pirelli Ice Zero FR

    Pirelli is doing well on ice. Good grip and precise steering. Also well behaved in the snow. On wet asphalt, everything is different: it responds slowly to the steering wheel, and the clutch with the rear wheels is easily removed during critical maneuvers. On dry asphalt tires provide a very short stopping distance. Tires are quiet and rolling resistance is low.

    Drive Feeling (Snow) Noise Performance on the Track (Snow) Braking (Snow / Dry) Acceleration (Snow) Acceleration (Ice)
  4. 7.4 Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3

    Nokian does well on ice, although it does not reach its best competitors. However, it provides high precision steering and is easy to handle in critical situations on both ice and snow. This tire does not give you unpleasant surprises in some situations. On wet and dry asphalt, the tire also maintains a good level, although here it does not fully meet the best requirements. Tires are quiet and rolling resistance is low. It is a bit unstable on the track.

    Rolling Resistance Braking (Dry) Performance on the Track (Snow) Noise Drive Feeling (Snow) Acceleration (Ice)
  5. 7.3 Hankook Winter i*cept iZ 2 W616

    Hankook is one of the best non-studded tires in terms of braking and side grip on ice. It precisely controls and gives you good control over the car in almost any situation. In the snow we get the same safe and good driving feeling. Big braking distance on wet pavement. It is a quiet tire with the lowest rolling resistance in the test.

    Rolling Resistance Performance on the Track (Snow) Noise Acceleration (Snow) Stability Braking (Snow) Acceleration (Ice)
  6. 7 Bridgestone Blizzak WS80

    Bridgestone works well on ice, although it does not achieve the best. It behaves without much surprise. very effective brake on dry pavement. Tires are quiet, but a little nervous on the track.

    Noise Braking (Snow / Dry) Acceleration (Ice)
  7. 7 Yokohama iceGUARD iG60

    Yokohama maintains stability on ice, provides a stable steering feel and warns you in advance about grip. On snowy roads, the behavior is logical without any surprises, but traction with the rear wheels can fall in critical situations. Low rolling resistance, moderate noise and directional stability.

    Rolling Resistance Noise Acceleration (Snow) Acceleration (Ice) Braking (Ice)
  8. 6.9 Falken Espia EPZ II

    Falken is acceptable tire for ice roads, but difficult to control, because the grip is sharply weakened. It behaves well in extreme situations on the snow. The tire is quiet and stable on the track. Rolling resistance is high.

    Braking (Snow) Performance on the Track (Snow) Noise Acceleration (Ice) Drive Feeling (Ice)
  9. 6.9 Michelin X-Ice Xi3

    Michelin is a useless tire for ice conditions The tire is good on dry pavement. The tire is quiet, and previous tests have shown that Michelin is more durable than its competitors.

    Rolling Resistance Noise Performance on the Track (Wet) Acceleration (Ice) Drive Feeling (Ice) Performance on the Track (Ice)
  10. 6.6 Linglong GREEN-Max Winter Ice I-15

    Linglong is a cheap Chinese tire with a moderate brake on the ice. The grip is slightly below averageIn the snow, but the behavior is predictable. On dry pavement, the situation is about the same, with too little control in critical situations. The rolling resistance is high, the noise is well audible, but the stability of the track is good.

    Stability Acceleration (Snow) Acceleration (Ice) Drive Feeling (Ice) Performance on the Track (Ice)
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