Motor NAF/Vi Bilägare: Summer Tire Test (Premium) 2019

The winner of this year's summer tire test makes a tummy tuck when it comes to aquaplaning. This makes the tire almost lose its first place. The test also shows that driving with winter tires on summer runs can give you a real bang.

The seven summer tires come from established manufacturers and belong to the category of premium tires. None of them underperform in the test, and all have safe driving capabilities without surprise in critical situations.

  1. 80 Continental PremiumContact 6

    The construction is more sporty than its predecessor, with more contact surface on the outside of the tire, more like a pure performance tire. PC6 provides the best side grip on both wet and dry roads.

    The tire is basically lightweight, with quiet reactions and balanced understeer. Also, the braking characteristics impress, especially in dry conditions. The braking properties, the safe driving feeling and the low noise level nevertheless provide test victory.

    Wet Grip Wet Handling Dry Braking Wet Braking Fuel Consumption Dry Handling Straight Aquaplaning Lateral Aquaplaning
  2. 79 Nokian Hakka Blue 2

    The Finnish tire is best of all on rainy summer roads, with high water resistance, short braking distance and good side grip. In addition, the driving characteristics are a fine mix of good reactivity and neutral balance. Nokian Hakka Blue 2 does not thrive on dry asphalt. It has a longer braking distance than most, and is soft and underhanded on the fast lanes.

    Wet Grip Lateral Aquaplaning Wet Handling Wet Braking Straight Aquaplaning
  3. 77 Dunlop Sport BluResponse

    Stable in all disciplines. Sport BluResponse performs smoothly and steadily through all test rounds. Dunlop's tires thrive better than Goodyear when the turns come. As their siblings, the reactions are a bit slower and require greater steering angle into the turns than the competition does.

    Dry Braking Straight Aquaplaning Wet Handling Dry Handling Wet Braking
  4. 77 Firestone RoadHawk

    Firestone on the podium? Yes, sir! The American tire is the great surprise of the summer tire test. The benefits are good wet performance, and high water level threshold. The weakness is low frequency noise, as on the T005, and it reduces the sound comfort.

    Wet Grip Wet Braking Wet Handling Dry Braking Dry Handling Noise Comfort
  5. 72 Michelin Primacy 4

    Primacy 4 is slowing down on a wet road, and it is running late on the right track. The braking distance on the dry road also collects well with points. Michelin performs weaker when the road fluctuates and has poorer side grips than its competitors both wet and dry. But it is safe and easy to drive around the grip limit.

    Straight Aquaplaning Wet Braking Wet Grip Lateral Aquaplaning Noise / Comfort Wet Handling
  6. 71 Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance

    The Goodyear tire is excellent in some areas, but too weak on others - not least in the turns. The strong properties are low consumption and good resistance to aquaplaning. Also, the braking distance on the wet road is good. On the other hand, it performs poorer in turns, with less side grips and diffuse steering precision. Especially in dry conditions, the tire is experienced unnecessarily soft and heavily understeer. The braking distance of dry asphalt is actually the longest of all. In the noise measurements, the tire delivered an annoying background sound.

    Straight Aquaplaning Wet Braking Fuel Consumption Dry Braking Noise
  7. 69 Bridgestone Turanza T005

    The T005 responds quickly to the steering angle and has a neutral grip on the grip limit, both in wet and dry conditions. It is also most stingy in the consumer measurements. Unfortunately, the T005 does not perform well in other rounds on wet asphalt. The braking distance of wet is the worst of all. The water planning features are only medium, and in the noise readings there is an annoying low frequency sound at certain speeds.

    Dry Braking Fuel Consumption Wet Handling Straight Aquaplaning Wet Braking Noise
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Apr 01, 2019
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