Kumho introduces a new studdable tire for light trucks

For the next season, Kumho Tire Canada will launch the sales of a new studdable winter tire for light truck and minivans named Kumho Winter PorTran CW11.

Quick Take
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Kumho Winter PorTran CW11

  • Available Sizes in Line: 1
  • For light commercial vehicles, transporters and vans.
  • Year Released: 2020
  • Studded
  • Regions for sale: USA+, Canada
Kumho Winter PorTran CW11

The transverse grooves in the central section of the new Kumho tire tread go at a 40-45-degree angle, and such design, according to the manufacturer, improves the snow braking performance. The construction includes a new reinforced breaker-strip ply, which makes the tire more rugged and more reliable, while the optimized quantity of the stud holes and their pattern increase the handling response on icy roads. In addition, the width of the contact patch was increased by 8%, which increased the traction, whilst the modified rubber compound with an additive of neodymium butadiene rubber increased the tire’s resistance to wear.

Kumho Winter PorTran CW11
Kumho Winter PorTran CW11

Kumho Winter PorTran CW11 will be manufactured in popular 15 and 16-inch sizes; the line can be expanded later on. This tire model will also be manufactured at the company’s facilities in China. The company’s range will continue to be renewed, and shortly Kumho is going to launch the sports summer tire model Kumho Ecsta V730.