Apollo Tyres established itself in 1972 as a single brand enterprise. Over the years, as the organisation grew and expanded its footprint across geographies, several brands either joined or were born into its fold. While the company focuses on its 2 key brands —Apollo and Vredestein, it also owns two smaller and region specific brands – Kaizen and Regal. The company now has four manufacturing units in India, 1 in Netherlands and 1 in Hungary. It has a network of nearly 5,000 dealerships in India, of which over 2,500 are exclusive outlets.


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Summer Passenger Tires

Alnac 4G 2013
Alnac 4GS 2016
Amazer 3G 2013
Amazer XL 2007
Amazer XP 2021
Amperion 2023
Aspire 4G 2012
Aspire 4G+ 2023
Aspire XP 2018

Summer 4X4 Tires and SUV Tires

Altrust 2018
Altrust+ 2020
Apterra HL 2017
Apterra HP 2014
Apterra HT 2014

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