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Hankook Winter i*cept RS2 W452

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Key Facts

  • Official web page
  • Available Sizes in Line: 66
  • Original Equipment (OE) tires for:
    • • Hyundai i10 LA [2019 .. 2022]
    • • Hyundai i20 GB Facelift [2018 .. 2020]
    • • Hyundai ix20 JC Facelift [2015 .. 2020]
    • • Hyundai i30 PD [2017 .. 2022]
    • • Hyundai Ioniq AE [2016 .. 2022]
    • • Ford Ka+ [2016 .. 2018]
    • • Ford Ka+ Active [2018 .. 2020]
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– The happy owners said that these tires performed very well in a variety of conditions, including snow/slush, ice, rain and dry conditions.
– One user wrote that this tire exceeded his expectations, especially in terms of hydroplaning resistance.
– A few purchasers reported that these tires were quiet and comfortable to ride on while offering good grip and nice handling while driving.
– Some buyers mentioned that the tires had great mileage.

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– One driver was disappointed with the snow performance of this tire.

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Hankook Winter i*cept RS2 W452 Tire Rank

 57  40 in Passenger / Winter

 28  23 in Studless Ice & Snow

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Hankook Winter i*cept RS2 W452 Rating scores from other platforms:

Tyrereviews Source
83.0 out of 100
Based on:
28 customer ratings
249,800 miles driven
Hankook Winter i*cept RS2 W452

Manufacturer's description

Optimised pattern design for optimal snow performance. New winter tyre for compact and mid-sized cards providing a balanced performance in all winter conditions.

Tyre Structure:

  • High grip silica compound (Improved snow / wet traction and lowered rolling resistance).
  • Jointless full cover reinforced belt (Ideal tread strength).
  • Wide 2 steel belt layer (Ensures optimal tread stiffness and improves handling performance).
  • Adoption of high hardness bead filler (Improves handling and steering response).
  • Ultra high strength bead wire (Improves uniformity and durability of the bead position).

Notable Features

Hankook W452 Winter i * Cept RS2 is a directional friction winter tire featuring an optimized construction. The technologies used in this tire ensure optimum snow performance by a wide range of vehicles.

The tire is designed for city compact and midsize cars, executive sedans and family minivans in winter weather conditions of Central and Western Europe.

The 2015 tire model Hankook Winter i * Cept RS2 W452 came to replace the Winter i * cept RS W442, improving on its predecessor’s performance on wet pavement and snow. Using narrower tread blocks, the engineers were able to raise their total amount by 28%, which led to an increase in the total length of the biting edge and the tire drainage system.

The size of the contact area during uniform distribution of pressure has been increased by 5%, which ensures better braking performance on wet and dry pavements alike. The tread pattern of Hankook W452 The directional V-shaped tread design with wide circumferential grooves, which become wider as they get closer to the shoulder areas, efficiently dispels water and slush from the contact patch. This leads to an increase in hydroplaning resistance and strengthens the tire’s grip on slushy surfaces.

The improvement in snow traction is also ensured by the new tread design that has a great bite on snow. Multiple fluted 3D sipes restrict tread block movement, resulting in increased traction, as well as in better handling and braking performance on slippery winter roads.

The extra grip on winter surfaces with low ground adhesion, as well as on wet pavement, is ensured by the silica included in the tread compound. Specifics of the Hankook W452 tread pattern The special anti-skid grooves and innovative sharp “3D claws” improve the Hankook Winter i*Cept RS2 snow traction during high-speed cornering.

Well-balanced performance of this tire model in any winter driving conditions is ensured by optimized tread compound with an inclusion of fine-grained silica. The manufacturer guarantees that the new Hankook W452 Winter iCept RS2 tread compound is low-temperature resistant, which keeps the tire material supple even at freezing temperatures, providing great traction and efficient braking performance.

The sturdy sidewalls and the heavy-duty filler optimize the handling response and traction on dry pavement.

All of the Hankook W452 winter tires are produced at the Korean tire maker’s European manufacturing facility in Hungary. The inner construction of the tire

Detailed Information

Type and Size
Tire Model
Hankook / Winter i*cept RS2 W452
Car Type
Rim Diameter
13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 "
135 / 145 / 155 / 165 / 175 / 185 / 195 / 205 / 215 / 225 mm
Aspect Ratio
45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 / 80 %
Special Features
Mud and Snow
Extra Load
Speed and Load
Speed Index
H (max 130 mph) ... V (max 149 mph)
Load Index (max load for a tire)

Hankook / Winter i*cept RS2 W452 Sizes & Specifications

Rim Model Size Index Features Price
R13 135/80 R13 70T 135/80 R13 70T
From 36.0
R13 145/60 R13 66T 145/60 R13 66T
From 53.1
R14 155/65 R14 75T 155/65 R14 75T
From 43.6
R14 165/60 R14 79T XL 165/60 R14 79T XL
From 47.4
R14 165/65 R14 79T 165/65 R14 79T
From 61.4
R14 165/70 R14 81T 165/70 R14 81T
From 41.8
R14 165/70 R14 85T XL 165/70 R14 85T XL
From 42.8
R14 175/65 R14 82T 175/65 R14 82T
From 40.3
R14 175/65 R14 86T XL 175/65 R14 86T XL
From 49.5
R14 175/70 R14 84T 175/70 R14 84T
From 50.8
R14 175/70 R14 88T XL 175/70 R14 88T XL
From 52.8
R14 175/80 R14 88T 175/80 R14 88T
From 48.3
R14 185/55 R14 80T 185/55 R14 80T
From 55.1
R14 185/60 R14 82T 185/60 R14 82T
From 47.4
R14 185/65 R14 86T 185/65 R14 86T
From 45.3
R14 185/70 R14 88T 185/70 R14 88T
From 49.1
R15 135/70 R15 70T 135/70 R15 70T
From 50.0
R15 145/65 R15 72T 145/65 R15 72T
From 49.3
R15 155/60 R15 74T 155/60 R15 74T
From 57.1
R15 155/65 R15 77T 155/65 R15 77T
From 55.2
R15 165/65 R15 81T 165/65 R15 81T
From 46.3
R15 175/55 R15 77T 175/55 R15 77T
From 60.0
R15 175/60 R15 81H 175/60 R15 81H
From 57.7
R15 175/65 R15 84T 175/65 R15 84T
From 44.6
R15 185/55 R15 82T 185/55 R15 82T
From 57.3
R15 185/55 R15 86H XL 185/55 R15 86H XL
From 65.2
R15 185/60 R15 84T 185/60 R15 84T
From 44.6
R15 185/60 R15 88T XL 185/60 R15 88T XL
From 44.7
R15 185/65 R15 88H 185/65 R15 88H
From 49.1
R15 185/65 R15 88T 185/65 R15 88T
From 42.5
R15 185/65 R15 92T XL 185/65 R15 92T XL
From 53.2
R15 195/50 R15 82H 195/50 R15 82H
From 48.8
R15 195/50 R15 82T 195/50 R15 82T
From 47.4
R15 195/55 R15 85H 195/55 R15 85H
From 65.9
R15 195/55 R15 89H XL 195/55 R15 89H XL
From 64.8
R15 195/60 R15 88H 195/60 R15 88H
From 52.9
R15 195/60 R15 88T 195/60 R15 88T
From 53.7
R15 195/65 R15 91H 195/65 R15 91H
From 52.0
R15 195/65 R15 91T 195/65 R15 91T
From 42.5
R15 195/65 R15 95T XL 195/65 R15 95T XL
From 48.3
R15 205/60 R15 91H 205/60 R15 91H
From 63.7
R15 205/60 R15 91T 205/60 R15 91T
From 66.4
R15 205/65 R15 94H 205/65 R15 94H
From 64.4
R15 205/65 R15 94T 205/65 R15 94T
From 60.9
R15 215/65 R15 96H 215/65 R15 96H
From 75.1
R16 185/50 R16 81H 185/50 R16 81H
From 69.3
R16 185/55 R16 87H XL 185/55 R16 87H XL
From 66.8
R16 185/55 R16 87T XL 185/55 R16 87T XL
From 66.7
R16 195/45 R16 84H XL 195/45 R16 84H XL
From 72.6
R16 195/55 R16 87H 195/55 R16 87H
From 77.0
R16 195/55 R16 87T 195/55 R16 87T
From 104.6
R16 195/55 R16 91H XL 195/55 R16 91H XL
From 78.5
R16 195/60 R16 89H 195/60 R16 89H
From 68.6
R16 195/70 R16 94H 195/70 R16 94H
From 80.9
R16 205/45 R16 87H XL 205/45 R16 87H XL
From 76.5
R16 205/50 R16 87H 205/50 R16 87H
From 98.5
R16 205/50 R16 91H XL 205/50 R16 91H XL
From 90.3
R16 205/55 R16 91H 205/55 R16 91H
From 65.4
R16 205/55 R16 91T 205/55 R16 91T
From 58.3
R16 205/55 R16 94H XL 205/55 R16 94H XL
From 67.0
R16 205/55 R16 94V XL 205/55 R16 94V XL
From 79.4
R16 215/65 R16 98H 215/65 R16 98H
From 70.7
R16 215/65 R16 102H XL 215/65 R16 102H XL
From 75.6
R17 225/45 R17 91H 225/45 R17 91H
From 76.8
R17 225/45 R17 94H XL 225/45 R17 94H XL
From 90.7
R17 225/45 R17 94V XL 225/45 R17 94V XL
From 78.6

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